If you are planning a garden here are 10 Must-Read Books that will provide you with everything you need to know to grow the garden you have always dreamed of. Includes plans for vegetables, herbs, ornamentals, containers, spiritual and medicine gardens.

I was raised in the world of blanching where you plunge vegetables into boiling water for a specified amount of time before transferring them to ice water and then to a freezer bag or container and then-finally-to the freezer. It was with a mixture of chagrin and joy that I found out all that boiling of water and time was completely unnecessary.

After writing in the last post about how the best onions sets come from the smallest bulbs we now turn that logic on its head when it comes to flowering bulbs. If flowers are what you’re after then you want the biggest bulbs you can buy.

Many people put down landscape fabric, layers of newspapers or even old towels or bed sheets before adding sand and cobblestones, sidewalk blocks or pavers, only to be confused and frustrated when weeds rear their persistent heads anyway.

10 Common Vegetables and How Much to Plant!

So much depends on climate, soil and weather but the following list will at least give you some ground rules to figure out how much to plant. Things like carrots, beets or cabbage are easier to gauge…you know how big they are so if you account for a few inches extra for wiggle room and leaves etc. you have a pretty good idea of how much you will get for your space. Others are more difficult to plan. Those are the ones included here.