What are the Provincial and Territorial Flowers of Canada?

Canada’s Provincial and Territorial Official Flowers listed alphabetically first by Province and then by Territory. Includes the year the flower was officially adopted.


wild rose isolated

Alberta – The Wild Rose

Adopted in 1930





Dogwood (Cornus florida)



British Columbia – The Pacific Dogwood

Adopted in 1956




Spring flowers cutleaf anemone




Manitoba – Prairie Crocus

Adopted in 1906






Viola flowers



New Brunswick – Purple Violet

Adopted in 1936





Pitcher Plant


Newfoundland and Labrador – Pitcher Plant

Adopted in 1954








Nova Scotia – Mayflower Trailing Arbutus

Adopted in 1901






Trillium, Official Flower of Province of Ontario, Canada


Ontario – White Trillium

Adopted in 1937






lady slipper trio



Prince Edward Island – Pink Lady Slipper Cypripedium reginae

Adopted in 1947








Flower of Iris 7



Quebec – the Blue Flag (native Iris) replaced the white lily as the provincial flower in 1999








Wild lily (Lilium pensylvanicum) 8



Saskatchewan – Western Red Lily

Adopted in 1941










Northwest Territories – Mountain Avens

Adopted in 1957





Saxifrage flowers on the ground in the garden



Nunavut Territory – Purple Saxifraga

Adopted in 2000







Yukon Territory – Fireweed

Adopted in 1957







Colorful Canada map with provinces and capital cities