Do Petunias Need Fertilizer? The Answer May Surprise You!

Adding a few scoops of slow release fertilizer to our petunia pots and baskets is a necessary rite of spring planting…right? Wrong!

I always thought having a mass of blooms meant adding copious amounts of fertilizer. Many nurseries-and purveyors of fertilizer-will suggest you add both a slow release granule fertilizer as well as a liquid feed with every other watering.

All that changed when I met a local gentleman who is famous for his ridiculously healthy petunia baskets. How much fertilizer does he use? None. Notta. Goose egg. Zilch. Zero. As in no fertilizer at all!

He simply pots the petunias up in potting soil (he uses Sunshine Mix) and makes sure they receive adequate watering. That’s it!

The results speak for themselves…

2012 Progress Garden Tour 167.JPG

Terry Fraser with one of his many hanging baskets of wave petunias


This isn’t to say fertilizer will hurt your petunias..just that it isn’t necessary.

With the money saved you can buy more petunias!