Grow Your Own Greens

This cooler has been made into a portable planter for mesclun mix. Fancy speak for a mixture of colorful lettuce greens. You can have lettuce for your campouts and picnics all summer long by simply clipping the leaves instead of pulling up the entire plant.

Growing, processing and shipping one pound of lettuce consumes approximately 5,000 calories of Fossil Fuel Energy, while returning a mere 80 calories to the consumer.

Great for the waist line, but not so good for the waste line. 

Growing your own greens is the most cost effective, energy efficient thing imaginable. 
Even a couple small pots on a windowsill or step will provide an amazing amount of fresh greens. 

With greens you can “cut and come again” a practice that simply involves cutting off the tips of lettuces and leaving the roots to grow more. 

How much should you plant?

One square foot of garden devoted to a variety of greens will usually provide enough seasonal salad for one person.