Reuse and Repurpose

Old Wheelbarrow Repurposed

Metal wheelbarrows are workhorses on all sorts of landscaping projects. Properly cared for they can last for decades, but sometimes rust happens. Gardening is, after all, a wet and messy affair.

After years of use, some people see holes in their wheelbarrow and think it has reached the end of its useful life. Others look at those same holes and think, “Drainage! Perfect.”

Turning a wheelbarrow into a planter is a simple project. Simply dump potting soil into the wheelbarrow and plant!

This wheelbarrow got a coat of yellow paint as a retirement gift and was then turned into a productive raised vegetable garden!

Corn, tomatoes, lettuce and onions thrive in this repurposed wheelbarrow!

A bonus to planting in a wheelbarrow is that you can easily move the “raised bed” to mow or to follow the sun or quickly wheel it into the garage to avoid frost or a hailstorm. If the drainage holes become plugged and your wheelbarrow gets waterlogged it is also a simple matter to tip it forward to pour out any excess water. Just be careful not to tip too hard, or your container garden might end up not so contained!

Unfortunately the wheelbarrow shown here has a pretty wonky looking tire, which was one more reason it was turned into a planter in the first place.

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