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Repurposed Wheelbarrow Take 2…This time as a Tipsy Tower!

The last post showed a wheelbarrow turned into a planter in the way one might expect. Fill with soil and plant. In case you missed it you can revisit that post here.

If you want to kick the project up a notch you can turn the same wheelbarrow into a “tipsy tower” like we did here for the following season. *Note: I practically turned my computer inside out trying to find pictures that show this tower in full bloom, but to no avail. You will have to use your imagination to picture it cascading top to bottom with trailing petunias, lobelia and fuchsias.

To make a “tipsy tower” you need a length of rebar or some sort of sturdy metal pole. You then drill a hole through your base container and pound it into the ground until it is sturdy enough to take the weight of all the containers you will slide onto the pole above.

Before digging or pounding anything deep, make sure you know where gas or other utility lines are buried. Nothing takes the fun out of a project faster than blowing up the neighbourhood.

In the photo above, holes have been drilled both for drainage and to slip the metal pole through before pounding it into the ground.

The pole is sunk a good foot into the ground. Let the tipsy tower begin! Fill the base, or in this case the wheelbarrow, with soil and then drill an appropriate hole and slide the next container into place.

Just keep adding and filling with soil until you reach the top of the pole. Then it’s time to plant, water and enjoy!

When your tower is in full cascading glory, take a picture and store it where it can easily be found even years later. Apparently not everyone knows how to do that. Ahem.

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