Reuse and Repurpose

Tool Box Tipsy Tower

You can make tipsy towers by repurposing almost anything that can hold enough soil to sustain a plant. Once you start thinking about containers it is amazing what will come to mind.

This is a great project for reusing or repurposing items that would otherwise be headed for the trash. If it has a hole in it already, so much the better! You will need a hole for slipping the item onto the pole, as well as for ensuring adequate drainage.

Here is a work-themed toolbox tower. Perhaps a great way to put items to use once you’ve retired!

With a tool box as the base, this tipsy tower then adds a pair of boots, a metal lunch kit (pre-packed with fresh lettuce) and all capped off with a hard hat!

Just as shown in the wheelbarrow tipsy tower project, you will need a pole which you drive right through a predrilled hole in your base container, into the ground. Once again, ensure you know where gas and utility lines are buried before you start pounding the pole into the ground.

Assemble your tower “ingredients.” Using a power drill, make holes in each item for the pole to slip through. Add more holes for drainage if needed.

Fill each item with soil as you go, before placing the next item on the pole.

Plant, water and enjoy!

Succulents are great for shallow containers or situations where plants may dry out fairly fast. You will still need to ensure they get enough water though.

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