Reuse and Repurpose

Everything Plus a Kitchen Sink Tipsy Tower!

Here is a third and final example in our Repurposing Items/Tipsy Tower series! As you can see, anything that can hold soil is a welcome candidate for this project. If it is cracked or leaks, so much the better. Every good container needs proper drainage.

Let’s begin…

Assemble your ingredients…

If you prefer, now is the time to give your repurposed item a fresh coat of paint.

Drill a hole (along with more drainage holes if needed) and hammer in a metal pole or piece of rebar. Make sure you know what’s below! Gas lines and other utilities can be closer to the surface than you might think. Don’t take a chance unless you’re absolutely certain it’s safe.

Sink the pole or rebar into the ground until the pole feels solid enough to hold the containers to come.

Now for the fun part! Drill a hole and stack containers, filling with soil as you go.

When you reach the top, choose appropriate plants for the location i.e. sun or shade. Use trailing plants on the bottom containers and “filler” types near the top. That way the spillers won’t cover up the fillers. Water and fertilize as needed.

And you’re done! Nothing left to do but water and enjoy, knowing you are a green, recycling, repurposing machine!
Sorry landfill, not this time.

Once you start thinking about building tipsy towers all kinds of ideas will come to mind!

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