Reuse and Repurpose

Reuse, Repurpose, Rewired!

Today’s anti-landfill reuse repurpose project was spotted on a garden tour outside of Fort St John, BC, Canada. This imaginative gardener repurposed a spool of rusted barbwire fencing to make an incredible planter wreath.

Gloves are a must for this prickly project, but the results are worth it.

It also makes for a hanging basket that is tricky to steal. Which reminds me of what happened to a friend several years ago.

She had two magnificent baskets of fuchsias hung on either side of her entrance. When she went out one morning to water them, they were gone!

All that was left was a trail of purple blossoms. She set off after this trail like a starved bloodhound, rage building with every step. A petal here, an entire blossom there, and then…nothing. Perplexed, she stood on a sidewalk outside of an apartment building looking around for clues.

And then she looked up.

On a third floor balcony were her baskets of fuchsias.

She was so incensed she called the police but they said the evidence was circumstantial. And they had other things to attend to. Murders, drug dealers, you know, mundane stuff like that. Imagine!

For the rest of the summer she had to walk past the apartment and admire her baskets from afar. Her rage slowly abated. At least they went to a good home, she said. And she didn’t have to water them every morning.

But still, had she thought of wrapping them preemptively in barbwire, I am fairly certain she would have. 😉

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