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Chairs in the Garden; Repurposed Containers!

Sometimes all a container needs in order to take it from good to gorgeous, is a little elevation. Find something to repurpose as a container and set it on a chair and voila! It’s garden magic.

An old wash basin filled with white, sudsy, bacopas and placed on blue chair that would have otherwise been discarded. This is the chair leftover from our bathroom renovation “Landfill to Plantfill” Project shown earlier.
An old willow chair that has lost its seat has its life extended as a planter.
Sometimes all you need to do is let the garden grow wild with a chair! This gardener allowed a rampant patch of day lilies to weave their way through the seat of a willow bench for a charming display.

If you don’t have a container to set on a seat you can kick this project up a notch by making the chair into a container by following the steps below!

Step One – Find an old wooden chair and a few boards. Anything you have kicking around will work. Here we are using some leftover 1 X 4 tongue and groove pine.

Step Two: Frame the seat with boards so you can fill it with potting soil.

Step Three: Drill some holes in the seat for drainage.

Step Four: Paint the boards to match the chair!

Step Five: Fill with potting soil, plant, water and enjoy!

Succulents are great choices for shallow containers as they don’t require quite as much water.

Here is another chair that has been artfully positioned in a garden.

Chairs as containers and artful displays are beautiful additions to a garden. Just make sure you save at least one chair to receive you when you need a place to rest from all the gardening; a place to rest while sipping a tall glass of frosted lemonade and contemplating your next garden project. 🙂

Of course that doesn’t mean your resting chair can’t be made out of repurposed material as well! This one has used retired hockey sticks for the back rest. And yes, that’s a chicken strolling by.

Thanks so much for stopping by and stay tuned for more repurposing projects 🙂

And if you have any of your own you’d like to share I would love to see them.

Another chair with a repurposed back made from an old wagon wheel…

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