Reuse and Repurpose

All Fired Up! Repurposing Stoves and Fire Pits in the Garden.

Here an old stove flames to new life in the garden as a receptacle for a fire-engine red geranium. A perfect pairing and a great way to put vintage items on display.

Another freestanding stove brightens up a pocket of a garden. Red petunias tumble from a container set on top, while more plants glow like embers in pots nestled amongst some logs.

The following project turned a fire pit into a wishing well by adding a domed mirror!

Here’s how it was done in Seven Simple Steps!

Step One

Curved bricks from a fire pit are resized to circle the domed mirror.

Step Two

Fill to the top of the bricks with soil. You could use rocks for this step instead. Whatever you can find to give the mirror the desired elevation!

Step Three

Set the mirror in the centre.

Step Four

Use more fire pit bricks to create the rim to your “wishing well”.

Step Five

Settle small rocks to cover the edges of the mirror. Small succulents, vines or mosses can be planted in-between.

Step Six

Have the official garden cat inspect your handiwork. Ignore complaints that it would have made a most excellent litter box had you not covered it with a mirror and all those stones. What were you thinking?

Step Seven

Last, but not least, enjoy your carefree wishing well with no worries of anyone tumbling in!

Thanks for dropping by. Until tomorrow…be well 🙂

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